Weather Wizard 1
Mark Mardon, aka the Weather Wizard, has the ability to create any type of weather around him, and is also one of the brains of the Rogues. After escaping prison, Mark Mardon went to his younger brothers house to discover his brother had died, but had also created a wand capable of controlling the weather. Taking his new creation, Mardon eventually found himself joining an older group called the rogues, led by BlackSmith. After years of working with her rogues, mardon discovered he has a son who was capable of controlling the weather without a wand,and decided to leave BlackSmiths rogues to find him. Mardon was then thrown into Iron Heights for kidnapping his son, and after hearing blacksmiths group disbanded, joined Captain Cold along with The Trickster. Weather Wizard soon began conspiring with other Rogues memeber The Top to take cold out of power. However, after Top died, Cold learned of this conspiracy and was ready to kick mark out of the rogues, until deciding Mardon was too valuable to lose

Weapons/ AbilitysEdit

Weather Wand - capable of creating any type of weather around the person, including rain, lightning, snowstorms, hail etc. and also allows the user to fly

Relationships with the roguesEdit

Captain Cold - one of colds most trusted advisors, mardon has apologized for conspiaring agasinst Cold, and has been kept on the team. Mardon can also create snow or ice to double the effectiveness of colds weapons

Mirror Master - Although he is unable to help mirror master in combat, Mark has developed a rather strong relation ship with Mirror Master.

Trickster - Mardon still believes Axel is naiive and unfit to make plans yet within the rogues

Heatwave - Mardon has gotten close to Heatwave due to their loss of family memebers and are close allies. Mark is also able to make the environment extremely hot, adding to heatwaves fire.