300px-Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness)

Digger Harkness AKA Captain Boomerang

Digger HarknesEdit

Digger Harkness grew up in a poor family living with on a farm with his loving mother and Father, who constantly beat him. One day, a mysterious package arrived for Digger, A smalll toy boomerang. Not knowing who it was from, Digger tried to just toss in into the trash, and watched as it flew back towards him and knocked him to the ground. So every week, A single package arrived for digger, again without a sender name, but a single boomerang. After breaking his fathers truck windshield, and discovering Digger had robbed a jewelry store by knocking out the cameras with a boomerang, his father disowned him. His mother decided to send him to America to meet the man sending him bomerangs, a Toy Company manager, who had also been Diggers biological father.